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Linda’s Prayer for You

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The Lord bless you…

May he consecrate you to himself, sanctify you through and through.  May he tell you of his love for you and reveal his constant care.  May he show you, lovingly, your absolute need of him.  May you acknowledge that need and surrender your life to him.  May his Spirit and your spirit be joined in love.  May his life begin to form in you.  May this be the beginning of a great love between you and our risen Lord.  May you know him and the power of his indwelling Spirit all the days of your life.

…and keep you

May he protect you, hold you, guard you, sustain you, defend you always.  May your union with him be so total, that he can only be your whole life.  May you grow in understanding of his nature and purposes, and see the world, people and circumstances though his eyes of love.  May you know him in every moment and trust him in every circumstance.  May you always remember that you belong to him.

The Lord make his face to shine upon you

May his holy presence send pulsating rays of light into the secret places of your heart.  May all the hidden corners of your life be open to him.  May you keep yourself totally open to him.  May you always be honest with him, as he is honest with you.  May the light in his eyes become the light in your own.  May you see in his eyes the vision of what he wants you to become.  May you be a willing child in your response to his face shining upon you.

…and be gracious to you

May you know his kindness, his favor, his total willingness to be all that you need.  May you cooperate with that graciousness as he takes you deeper into the knowledge and purpose of God.  May you allow him to train you in ways of the Spirit.  May you study to know his character.  May you listen and obey and choose loyalty to him in every circumstance.  May you have the grace to discipline your spiritual life, take control of your thought life, face and repent of sin.  May you allow him to humble you, form you, mold you, fill you and empower you.  May you recognize his favor, his kindness, his loyalty to you as you learn to walk in the light.

The Lord turn his face to you

May you grow in this relationship as he turns his face toward you, one friend to another.  May this increasing intimacy draw you to a higher level of morality, purify you values, call you to choices that produce Godly character.  May you be so deep in communion with him that nothing can injure that relationship.  May his life and Spirit-power flow more and more through your thoughts, words and deeds.  May your face be always turned toward his face.

…and give you peace.

May his face turned toward you give you peace as you rest in his love.  May that peace remind you that you are in the center of his love.  May the peace remind you that you can face any challenge without wavering through him who gives you life.  May that peace draw you to continue in loyalty to him and his purposes.  May you remember that the peace is there because the relationship is there.  Nothing can disturb you.  God is in charge.  You are safe in Him.  God is love. (From Numbers 6:24-26 and from Miracle Moments book.)

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