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The Story of Miracle Hour

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A few years ago I received an email from a man named Dennis from South Africa, working in Iraq as a security contractor. In the rubble of one of Saddam Hussein’s bombed out castles, he found a copy of Miracle Hour. Dennis had been struggling with his faith and praying for help, and the Lord put this little miracle gift in his hands. He wrote to thank me.

In around 1990 when I was in Manila with a teaching team, I met with coordinator Paul in the hotel restaurant for breakfast and shared with him my desire to write a little prayer booklet. He prayed right there for God to release it. Powerful, simple, profound. Sometime later my brother in law was killed in a plane crash and I was in Colorado for his funeral. It was a deeply emotional time for me. I went home from the funeral, sat down and wrote Miracle Hour. Two weeks of writing and my whole life went into the process. I held the draft before the Lord and said, “Lord, people all over the world long to hear your voice. Would you put a grace within the pages of this book that through it, people will hear from you.” Father Robert DeGrandis SSJ wrote the foreword, I printed 5,000 copies and stacked the boxes in the corner of my living room. Less than a month later, I received a call from a man in the San Francisco bay area. He was a Presbyterian, had been a Christian all his life, and had never heard God speak to him. He said, “I was half way through Miracle Hour and God spoke to me, and it changed my life.” God wanted me to know that he heard my prayer.

I had prayed for the Lord to give me something that was meaningful and self supporting (see Linda’s story). He answered it through Miracle Hour. If you look in my bookstore on this site, you will find Miracle Hour in many languages, from Russian to Portuguese, from Maltese to Korean, Dutch and Hindi, and so many more. It has been well received in most of the Christian denominations and has taught people how to pray, to be well, to move forward with new strength of purpose in their lives. A woman in the Caribbean was struggling with heavy depression, and some friends brought her a Miracle Hour. They said, “Just do the litany of praise and spiritual warfare.” It was a week before she picked up the book. God healed her. (The litany of praise was developed by a prayer group that had a profound influence in my spiritual growth: The Ephesians 1:4 prayer community. To be holy and blameless and full of love. The leaders have a license plate: LAFPDL. Love, accept, forgive, pray for, do good for, love.)

The Lord used Miracle Hour with a woman in Toronto facing a serious illness, teaching her how to be well. Over a period of a year or so, health returned to her. A woman in Oregon was going to commit suicide, and at the last moment her eye caught a copy of Miracle Hour in her living room. Something drew her to sit down and pick it up. She wrote to tell me how it saved her life. After all these years the love letters and notes of appreciation still come.

Seldom can people pray it in an hour. One woman wrote to explain the reason I called it Miracle Hour, was because it was a miracle if you could do it in an hour. A woman in Belfast, North Ireland, wrote to tell me she took it into church, came out hours later and re-named it Miracle Four Hour. Another friend, Ray, conducted an all night Miracle Hour in Los Angeles. One hour each section, throughout the night. My friends Carlos and Nora in San Diego were a part our teaching team during a ministry in Guadalajara. Carlos developed the power point Miracle Hour, now available as a part of a package for those who want to conduct Miracle Hour prayer groups or seminars. Along with that we have a Miracle Hour Seminar Manual for people wanting to extend the period of time teaching people to experience this form of prayer.

These are just some of the things I remember in writing the Miracle Hour story as I reflect back over the years. More will come later. I do know that when people yield their lives to Jesus and are baptized in the Holy Spirit and come to life spiritually, they long for a more fruitful life. They want to do something significant, to make a difference. It’s a natural outflow. Miracle Hour has been used in answer to this longing for many people. They start meeting with prayer partners, they begin little prayer groups, they bring Miracle Hour into prisons and jails. And most of all, they are hearing from God in practical ways, for their personal lives, for outreach, for healing.

My prayer for you: Lord Jesus, I lift this one to you now. Help them to yield to you and experience a fresh movement of your Spirit in personal life, in relationships, in ministry. Give them creative ideas and products that will help them and help others. Let the release come, for your glory. Thank you Lord. Amen.

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