Theresa’s letter to a young man leaving home for the first time

Dear Friend,

I’m glad I got to hug you before you left. It’s going to be a great adventure for you. I will miss you not being around. I still remember you, and have your picture, when you were just four years old. My prayers will be for your happiness and success in all you do; that you will see what you need to see and hear what you need to hear. And that your heart will hunger and seek for truth that will lead to God’s deep peace.

When I moved out from my parents at age 18, I sought to be free. I had to go through many adventures to gain knowledge of what true freedom was. As a friend, and a close friend of your mom’s, my heart wants to protect you as a mother’s would. How can I give you advice? How can I tell you how valuable you are, how loved you are, my friend? Wherever you are, step back always and keep your eyes open to what’s around you. There are many wonderful friendships in store for you, but also many temptations. I pray for your wisdom.

I spent a few years of my life away from God and church. I needed to at the time. I see today how the loving Spirit of God never once left me, although I left him. And he loved me. And he called me. And he waited. And he watched. At times he wept, when I was so lost from him, in some very dark moments searching for love. Yeah, in all the wrong places. But I never really lost him. He was still in my heart, loving me all along. Till I began to hunger. And thirst. For truth. Honestly, I can tell you now, laughing, I would try reading my Bible while smoking pot. It didn’t quite work. But he loved me all along.

I’m trying to say, my friend, you’ll never have to be someone you are not. Stay true to yourself. You are a special young man. I know that. Keep what you have. Your integrity, your faith. Believe me when I say, I searched. I tried things and when I was led to finally say yes to God, to that man on the cross who died for me, the peace and joy that flooded my heart was real. It’s real. He’s real. The true anchor, rock, brother and friend. And he has the real life for us. I’ve found now, I can really be who I am, without fear.

And all those years of adventure were necessary for me to learn, to laugh, to love. So my prayer for you is always for your protection, for your wisdom, for you to know his love for you.

Rod and I will always be here for you. You know us and where we are. Text or call any time. I’ll always be your mom’s friend forever. She’s a keeper. Someone special in my heart and life. She’s taught me a lot. She’s given me treasures money can’t buy. She’s been my comrade along the way, someone I can count on. A true friend.

Two things to look for: True friends who have core values and faith in common. And Jesus’ peace. It’s the real peace that only he can give. Enjoy your new home. Have a ball.

Your friend always, Theresa.


(the young man’s actual name was changed here to “my friend”)

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