Power Tongues International

Understanding Power Tongues International
as Focused Intercession:

For many years I traveled internationally, speaking with Christian groups with emphasis on prayer, healing and the gifts of the holy spirit. The gift of tongues has always been valuable in my prayer life, especially as it helps me break through in hearing from the Lord and responding to his guidance.

Tongues creates a clear path to manifesting other gifts listed in 1Cor 12. When I stopped traveling and began praying about ways to be fruitful at home, Power Tongues International rose up in my spirit as one of the answers to that deep longing.

The objective is to pray in tongues asking the Lord what is on his heart. It is focussed intercession. Lord what do you want me to pray for? Pray in tongues and listen.

In a sense PTI grew out of what Barbara and I do early every morning as prayer partners. We begin with ‘Lord what is on your heart?’ He brings things to mind and we pray his heart. This developed with two other friends, Shelly and Theresa, and now we meet monthly in my home with a group of 8-10 people. Shelly records the words from the Lord on her laptop and Theresa closes in prayer. We go home, strengthened. It grew.

I shared this experience with international connections, inviting others to regularly pray with us using this gift from their location, individually or in groups, and send in their feedback. I assemble the words and a friend, Jim, adds them to our blog site.

For those who want a deeper understanding about this gift, I suggest my book The gift of Tongues. For more information, and to review the words from the last several months, or to find out how to join us, continue on.

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